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5. Any Type of hot linking of pictures Or Original Content from Asian Dreamgirls.Com is also not permissible.

6. Asian Dreamgirls.Com reserves the right to cancel this program or an individual affiliate (anyone who has signed up) at any time without notice. In such an event final payments will be made. If however, a specific affiliate is being cancelled, payment may or may not be made based on reasons for cancellation.

7. Multiple banners may be downloaded from our site/used for promotion.

8. Partners found cheating will be terminated immediately without payment.

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Erica Park and Nikki Chao
Erica Park and Nikki Chao
Erica Park and Nikki Chao
Erica Park and Nikki Chao
Erica Park and Nikki Chao
Erica Park and Nikki Chao
Erica Park and Nikki Chao
Erica Park and Nikki Chao
Erica Park and Nikki Chao
Erica Park and Nikki Chao



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